With a growing member network of over 300, the Last Friday Club is really proving its worth in connecting some of the best talent in the Chichester area.

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of our female members (men, your time will come in November!).



Rume2 founders Lucy & Rosie were frequenting one of Chichesters’ many fine local independent establishments, bemoaning the fact that there didn’t seem to be anywhere for local businesses, entrepreneurs & freelancers to work, talk & grow together.

Both have successful careers as creative freelancer & entrepreneur. Both spotted a lack of facilities in the city to bring together all of the amazing business people operating in the local area.

A idea was born to create a welcoming & inspirational environment to nurture collaboration & growth. A space that would offer Rume2work, Rume2talk & Rume2grow.

It’s been a long time coming and we have had to overcome a large number of challenges but finally Rume2 was born.

In Lucy’s words: ‘I’m a creative. For us creative types environment is incredibly important. From what’s on the walls to the overall vibe in our surroundings, whether it be a workspace, a restaurant or home. Striking the right balance is essential to promote exciting conversations & innovative work.’ More about Lucy.

In Rosie’s words: ‘If someone had told me there was somewhere I could go to work alongside other people in the same boat, in a nice environment, with refreshments on tap and lots of interesting events & workshops going on I would have been there like a shot. I think it would have certainly helped both my business and confidence grow in those early days.’ More about Rosie.

  • A local business to support local enterprise
  • A new community to support business growth
  • A really REALLY nice place to work

Contact Rosie or Lucy for your FREE trial day by emailing: [email protected]