With a growing member network of over 300, the Last Friday Club is really proving its worth in connecting some of the best talent in the Chichester area.

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of our female members (men, your time will come in November!).


‘I’m Emily Penny, an independent brand strategist and copywriter. I started my business six years ago. I work from my home office in Chichester and I have had my best year so far.

What I have learnt is that face-to-face networking is everything. In fact, this year I decided to no longer do cold tenders or pitches. Over the years, I have built up my network, so work comes in as referrals and collaborations.

Relationships are key. I also believe in always learning. So, I have been experimenting with creating merchandise, in the form of the “Chidester Tea Towel“. I started learning to sing (with Jake Barlow) and I’m doing a creative writing course, creating a set of short stories.

This has all been a stretch but had a positive impact on my work – it’s all about cross-pollination and keeping life interesting. My business advice is to think long-term: think about your vision and put in the work towards that. With a strategy in place, your effort is cumulative, constantly building on what has gone before, not just random effort.

My strategy is this simple: it’s about finding relationships and creativity. If neither of those are present, it’s not for me! And saying no is just as important as saying yes.

And what’s coming up:

I’m currently rebranding my business (no pressure for a brand consultant!) and you can follow my new Instagram at  becolourful_emilypenny to be the first to see my new look business when it launches.’