With a growing member network of over 300, the Last Friday Club is really proving its worth in connecting some of the best talent in the Chichester area.

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of our female members (men, your time will come in November!).


‘I have combined three things that I love doing – and now I feel completely content with my career.

Claire is a Coach, a Trainer and a Sixth Form Careers Coach.

When I myself was a sixth former I was one of those people who had no idea what my future held so I can really relate to those students I work with who are in the same position. I studied International Business and French at University, then moved into Marketing & PR but it was when I found myself delivering training sessions some 20 years ago that I knew that working with people was what I loved. But it has only been in the last two years that I have combined three things that I love doing and which truly motivate me – Coaching, Training and working with Sixth Form students – and now feel completely content with my career.

Claire as a Coach – I became a coach at the beginning of 2017 because I love working with people, I love listening and I love witnessing people become motivated about their potential. I work with many women, women who want to make changes in their lives, with their careers, with their health, regaining balance to their everyday. Being a coach is so incredibly rewarding because I get to see people transform in front of my very eyes.

Claire as a Trainer – I LOVE delivering training sessions, workshops, and talks. Of all the training sessions I deliver I have to admit that Presentation Skills training is my true love because I see people improve their skills in front of me in a matter of hours. It also gives me the chance to ensure my presentation skills are the best that they can be…I will always encourage people to avoid UMMING when presenting so there is no way I can UM!

Claire as a Sixth Form Coach – Working just a couple of days as a Sixth Form Coach allows me to really support students with their future choices. I also help prepare students for University interviews and deliver Life Skills workshops on topics such as Presenting, Building Good Habits, Dealing with Change etc. Think back to when you were 16-18 – it is a great time in your life but it is also quite demanding if you are aiming for high grades. I like to think that in my role I help bring a balance of calm and motivation for the students.’

What’s coming up for Claire this year

  • Claire is currently delivering a second 5-week Mindset course to the local HOOP group.
  • Claire will be speaking about Goal Setting at the Chichester Festival of Learning and about Building Good Habits at Rume2 – both in June.
  • Claire is a Last Friday Club member but due to working in the Sixth Form on a Friday can only come to meetings outside of term time.


Claire Skaptason

[email protected]