You’d be amazed at how many social channels I see that have no discernible brand or even their company name! You have to present your channels for the strangers, the new customers, the new heroes on their journey – they have to instantly see that you can get them there. Remember, you’re their guide

Once they’ve arrived at your social media channels and had a look at a few posts, what do you want them to next?  Do you want them to call, to visit, to email? Make it clear. Not having a link or button (Call To Action – CTA) stops them on their potential journey with you.  Think about how you use social media, would you come out of Facebook to go and Google a company to find out where they are or visit their website? No, I wouldn’t either (I’d probably get distracted before I even got to Google!) – make it as simple as possible, a click or two away from a lead or a sale

If your channels and first few posts don’t look appealing, you’ve missed your chance to get them engagedPinned posts can be very useful – but don’t have a post that’s more than a few weeks old. Re-post, refresh.  Potential customers seeing a pinned post from 2016 might assume you’ve gone out of business and find someone else to fit their need.

Don’t leave it to chance.  So, to wrap up …

  • Is there a distinct brand/identity?

  • Is it instantly clear what you do and who you do it for?

  • Are your contact details, opening times, website link etc up-to-date?

  • Are your posts a true reflection of you and your business?

  • Ask yourself honestly: is it appealing?