I’m seeing this more and more and I totally get it – you’re saving time by doing all your social media from one app on your phone ie via Instagram.

As a small business owner, It’s great that you’re using social media to promote your business, I applaud this heartily (of course I do – I make a living from helping businesses just like you!).

But don’t undo the hard work you went to on Instagram by pushing it through to Facebook and not editing or customising for that channel, ensure you reap the rewards (reach and engagement) of both channels and your audience.

  • Let’s start with hashtags - one of my all-time favourite topics

    – Hashtags don’t rule on Facebook like they do on Instagram and studies show that more than 3 hashtags will affect reach – so delete some.  

    Reminder of how to use hashtags for business and what they are for.

  • Who have you mentioned in the post - make sure they see it

    – The @ name won’t work, as usernames behave differently on FB, so edit the post to ensure that the intended supplier/connection/business etc still gets the notification and has a chance to like/comment/share your post. It’s all about the reach and engagement.

  • Website links - got a CTA?

    – Instagram doesn’t (yet) allow links in posts, but Facebook does, so take advantage of this!

Still don’t understand? Well, if you regularly push to Facebook from Instagram have a look at one or your recent posts and see for yourself.

And if you still don’t get it, drop me a line – I’d love to help