If you are anything like me, your brain is absolutely buzzing with ideas or you feel like the tumbleweed is passing you by and you draw a blank. It can be very, very tempting to say to yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  What do we know about tomorrow though?? Yes, it never comes and then nothing gets posted. Gaaaah!

But when you do put it off, you’re missing out on the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers and audience TODAY!

These 30 content ideas below are designed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to get posting! I’ve also chucked in ten of my favourite conversation starters.

Give some of them a go, tag The Chichester Social — and of course  I’d love to know how you get on and what kind of a reaction you get.

(BTW – I promise there’s not a single ‘link to your blog’ suggestion in this list!)

  1. Tell people about your plans for the day 
  2. Post about a challenge you’ve recently faced and how you overcame it
  3. Let people know how they can work with you – how to get started and what the process looks like
  4. Share what you do differently from everyone else in your industry – your USP, how you stand out
  5. Share three ways you can help customers with a solution to the problems that keep them up at night
  6. Just for fun, describe what you do as if you were telling a five year old
  7. Share a question you’ve recently been asked by a customer (I bet they won’t be the only one thinking it)
  8. Share what you love most about your job and why
  9. Talk about how you feel about an industry myth or a new trend
  10.  Share something people would be surprised to learn about you – who doesn’t love a “did you know …”
  11. Tell people about the best investment you’ve made for your business
  12. Share a photo of an old piece of equipment you’ve used for years
  13. Talk about what inspired you to start your business
  14. Share your favourite source of industry info (book, blog or podcast)
  15. Share a common pain point your customers have and how you can fix it
  16. Post about a surprising thing you’ve just learned
  17. Share a great tip or hack to make your customer’s life easier
  18. Show a day in the life of your business – this is a great one for Stories (don’t overthink it)
  19. Post three fun facts about you
  20. Reveal a comedy moment when things didn’t go to plan
  21. Post a picture of your workspace/shop 
  22. Share  photo of your ‘happy place.’
  23. Give a shout out to the people who keep you happy and sane
  24. Ask your followers what they want to know more about
  25. Reveal how a particular product or service has helped a new customer
  26. Predict a new trend in your industry
  27. Share the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and how it helped you
  28. Reveal the three tools you can’t run your business without 
  29. Post a simple hack you wish everyone knew about (from your niche / industry)
  30. Share a quick tip that people can try out straight away

BONUS: 10 conversation starters

  1. Have you ever tried/used (thing in your niche)? What did you think of it?
  2. Which of these do you like best? (Show two options)
  3. What’s the best thing about (thing in your niche)?
  4. When was the last time you laughed until you cried? 
  5. (Insert thing in your niche): love it or hate it?
  6. What’s your favourite book / podcast / TV show about (your niche)?
  7. How many tabs have you got open on your computer right now? (PS I’m still counting mine – I have great Chrome tip BTW)
  8. If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
  9. Fill in the blank. I’m proud of myself because I have finally ___________
  10. Fill in the blank. No one knows this, but I’m really good at ___________

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Debbie is amazing, and her workshop has helped our business grow. She is kind, friendly and really down to earth can’t wait to work with her again in the future! Along with this the space [at Rume2] was fantastic for individuals or to use as a group. Its clean, bright and feels like a great place to get creative!

The best money I have ever spent within my business – Salone Events. Debbie’s tips were so useful and ones that could be implemented immediately. Since making one very very very simple change, I have had 7 leads through 1 post!!! Highly recommend. And bonus – She is the most lovely person out there!!!

I recently attended a Social Media Workshop for small businesses and I am so glad I did. Not only was it delivered with lots of enthusiasm by Debbie who clearly knows her stuff, but it gave me great tips to use moving forward and gave me the kick up the behind I needed to get a little more consistent with my social media. I would definitely recommend this session.

I attended a social media master class, which I would highly recommend to anyone/small business. Whether you know very little (like me) or are more experienced you can’t fail to take away some great tips from this very informative session, delivered by the very welcoming and engaging Debbie.

Debbie Ford is an inspiration & her Social Media workshop at Rume2 last week gave me loads of new ideas & a fresh perspective. Was really refreshing being amongst other business owners, all of us from different backgrounds, but everyone really friendly & supportive.

Debbie is absolutely brilliant! So informative and has given me a new lease of confidence when it comes to social media. Debbie taught us all so much in such a relaxed manner and made a group of strangers feel like a group of friends within seconds! I cannot recommend her enough!

I attended the social media masterclass with Debbie and I took away so many top tips and useful information. It was pitched at a level which meant if you were a total beginner or more experienced you would have walked away with much more knowledge that you had when you went in the room. Very useful and I’d highly recommend it to support your social channels for your business – thanks Debbie!

I am very new to social media and literally learning on the hoof! Debbie delivered an extremely informative social media presentation crammed with useful tips and links in a very relaxed and friendly style – lots of laughs too, no question too silly, and no chance of nodding off! Thank you! I will be in touch!

Thanks so much for this morning’s session. Very useful! and packed with brilliant information I had no idea about.

I attended the social media for small businesses course you ran today with the Chichester Bid – and it was fantastic! The atmosphere was relaxed but interested, you were informative and happy to answer any questions that came your way. All of the tips you suggested looked attainable and the steps came from a place of common sense. Thank you!

Can’t thank you enough for a great workshop and I’ve certainly come out of it with a clearer understanding and mind-set!

Debbie was fantastic… I struggle with social media (I only joined Facebook when I started my business a few months ago). Debbie spotted things that I could change quickly and easily as well as guiding me to streamlining my process for all platforms. She is incredibly supportive and I highly recommend her.

We trust Debbie to manage all our social channels for our web design and digital marketing agency. Debbie really understands how to get the most out of social media for our business. She gets that it’s all about engagement and authenticity, not just ‘likes’ and ‘follows’. Never generic or dull, our social feeds have never been so useful, interesting and consistent. Highly recommended!

Debbie really knows her stuff, and has great energy and ideas. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone needing some social savvy!

Thank you so much for the course, I found it eye opening and extremely informative.

Thank you to Debbie for coaching me with my digital media, Debbie has a wonderful way of thinking, so many brilliant ideas for content. Anyone that is involved with social media must have Debbie as a coach! Thank you  … and when you start seeing tangible results it’s such a good feeling!

Recently attended a course, run by Debbie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It gave me the kick to start using Instagram (which is the social media channel I was lacking in). Debbie explained everything in a no-nonsense way, that even I could understand. Very much recommend her course.

Super helpful session with Debbie this morning, learnt some top tips which I have taken on board and already putting into practise. A calm and clear teacher with a friendly manner, with the vibe that no question too silly to ask. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her sessions. Thanks again Debbie.

I would thoroughly recommend Debbie. I joined one of her social media sessions. I thought she pitched it really well – giving us lots of useful and practical advice whilst creating a forum to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask! I came away with a renewed confidence in my approach to social media for business.

I attended a social media course run by Debbie.
It was very interesting and I learnt a lot to use for the future in my role at work.
would recommend

Debbie came and gave a very inspiring talk about Social Media to our networking meeting for The Selsey Business Partnership. She had a wonderful way of engaging with everyone in the room, raising lots of discussion and advised on ways to improve and help with business Social Media – everyone in the room found the tips very helpful whether or not they were regular social media users – highly recommend if you are looking for help with your business or as a speaker for your group.

Thank you for a very informative 121 session on email marketing!

Had a great day at Boston Tea Party Chichester with Debbie from The Chichester Social looking at how we use social media for our business, and the best tips to improve our social media presence – highly recommended 👍

For any business that needs a bit of Social Marketing Savvy, do get in touch with Debbie at The Chichester Social. She’s ace, and is most passionate about our local independents and entrepreneurs!

Had a brilliant catch up and strategy session with Debbie from The Chichester Social. She reminded me that this time last year, South Coast Mermaids didn’t exist and encouraged me to reflect on the progress I have made! Thank you Debbie!

Debbie gave a very interesting and inspiring talk to the Selsey Business Partnership members last week. She remembered everybody’s name and their type of business and brought that into the talk, which made it very personal to everybody there. many thanks Debbie, Sue and Tom Celebration Balloons 4 You

Debbie is a mine of knowledge. Your talk has given me a lot if ideas and inspiration as to the direction I want my business to go in.
Thank you